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Covid-19 in Armenia

To enter the territory of the Republic of Armenia it is necessary to undergo the following requirements:

to present a certificate – carried out no earlier than 72 hours – stating the negative result in the PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) for coronavirus disease (COVID-19);

or, to possess a complete vaccination certificate against Coronavirus (COVID-19) – (so-called “Green Certification” COVID-19).

No negative test or vaccination certificate is required for children under the age of one year (up to 11 months and 29 days).

In the absence of a certificate, the person is subjected to:
sampling for PCR examination at the sampling points located in the border areas;
mandatory self-isolation until the PCR test fails.
The results of the PCR test are recording in the ARMED system and provide to the examined person, within 48 hours. If the PCR test fails, the person leaves self-isolation.

The PCR test certificate is accepting in the Armenian, Russian, English languages ​​and must show all the contact details of the medical institute that performed the exam; the document must also contain the name and surname of the person examined, his / her date of birth, passport / identity card number, the result of the examination and must be signed by the supervisor and / or the legal manager of the medical institution who releases it.

The vaccination certificate is accepting in the Armenian, Russian, English languages; the form must contain the name of the vaccination organization with the indication of the name and surname of the vaccinated person, his date of birth (day, month, year) the unique identification number of the certificate, the name of the vaccine, the dates of injection of each dose (day, month, year), signed and stamped by the manager of the issuing organization or contain a bar code (QR code), through which it is possible to check all the requirements of the aforementioned certificate.

It is possible to present a certificate, the acceptance of which is recognized by the competent body of the Republic of Armenia, based on the principle of reciprocity between the States.
The vaccination certificate stored on a mobile application or a paper version generated by the mobile application is also accepted.

July 12, 2021