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Covid-19 in Armenia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia has clarified the changes to the entry procedure in the Republic of Armenia, in relation to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic.

The Government of the Republic of Armenia, with resolution of 11/09/2020, in force since 12/01/2021, established that the quarantine period throughout the national territory is extended until 11/07/2021.

The restrictions on entry into the Republic of Armenia for non-citizens have been lifted: from now on, all foreigners can enter both by air and by land.
To enter the territory of the Republic of Armenia, through the air-land border crossings, it is essential to present a certificate, drawn up no earlier than 72 hours, which confirms the negative result on the PCV exam, for the diagnosis of Coronavirus / Covid-19.

The certificate must be drawn up in Armenian, Russian or English, with all the contact details of the medical institute that performed the examination; the document must also contain the name and surname of the person examined, his / her date of birth, passport / identity card number, the result of the examination and must be signed by the supervisor and / or the legal manager of the medical institution who releases it.

In addition to the certificate of negativity to Coronavirus / Covid-19, the Armenian Authority (Labor and Health Inspectorate) can immediately carry out an examination (remote thermometer, external examination, additional investigations) in order to identify the existence or not of the symptoms of infection.

People not in possession of the above mentioned certificate are subject to mandatory sampling at the airport or land border crossing point and forced self-isolation, until a negative PCR test is obtained.
According to the results of the examination, if symptoms of Coronavirus / Covid-19 infection occur, the person have to be hospitalized.
The expenses of a PCR examination and possible treatment are borne by the citizen.

March 16, 2021.