Original Armenia

Is the most reliable local incoming tour operator specialized in Armenia, Georgia, Iran.

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About Us

We are a young and refined Travel Agency in Armenia (Tour Operator), which carries out its activity in a country of unspoiled beauty. Founded and headquartered in Armenia we operate exclusively in incoming sector, with great and particular attention to the sustainability and environment.

In application of the canons of the “International Ecotourism Society”, we aim to use tourism as a viable tool for conservation, protection of bio-cultural diversity and sustainable development of host communities.

In addition to the usual programming of traditional tourist “packages”, our Travel Agency in Armenia offers “different”, “other”, “slow” tourism, more respectful to the culture and environment.

We are an active, hard-working and versatile “group”, able to adapt – thanks to the knowledge of the territory, the market and the tourism technique – to the different needs of our customers.
If quality and trust are the backbone of our business, then our dedicated and enthusiastic staff are its heart. Each one of team members bringing their own experience and professionalism to complement each other in order to ensure clients happy and profitable trip from a socio-cultural point of view.

Our core values are the cornerstone of our business and so we hold ourselves to particularly high standards of quality and trust.

We similarly require that the suppliers we work with uphold the same ambitious standards that we strive for in everything we do. As a Travel Agency in Armenia, promoting the culture and nature of the South Caucasian and Middle Eastern region, it is extremely important to us that we do our part to preserve our destinations and that our visitors, employees and environment are treated with great respect.

To this end, Original Armenia plays an active role in our local communities.
As a local Travel Agency in Armenia – we guarantee you safe, different, unique and unrepeatable holiday as we also involved locally in the countries of our satellite offices in Georgia and Iran.


agenzia di viaggi in armenia


Managing director

The flywheel that develops and regulates the activity of the whole team. His studies of economics management allow him to optimize the different resources that each employee has. Although young, demonstrates sure experience in the evaluation of sector data referring to the territory, targets, markets, competition…
In addition to the Armenian language speaks fluently in English, Italian and Russian. He knows the expectations and orientations of the western tourism market for having completed a long internship at an Italian company, which operates in the tourism marketing and communication sector.

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Supplier relationship manager

Concrete and original decisions – from time to time innovative and imaginative – make her the further point of reference for the staff. She is always in first line when it is necessary to manage situations related to the renewal of programs, new market needs and the continuous adjustments of company’s policy.
She maintains strong professional contacts with service providers in Georgia and in Iran, which it consolidates with constant relationships and periodic assignments. This is to increase the network of relationships and mutual collaborations, within which to choose the increasingly favorable and reliable opportunity.


Promotion and representation

Is the Italian correspondent – (non-intermediary) – in charge of promoting and representing the agency, among tour operators and travel agents, in Italy.
He has a long experience in the sector, having conceived and implemented numerous tourism / territorial marketing and communication projects. He has been a director of public tourism bodies, a travel agent and a sector journalist, associated with the European Tourism Press Federation.

agenzia di viaggi in armenia

Artur & Karine

Environmental guides

The detailed knowledge of the territory and the environment (especially the alternative routes, remote, off the beaten track, authentic destinations), the command of the English language and the fervent affection for their land make them a guarantee of professionalism, a so-called “destination specialist”, both at the time of creation, design and packaging and during the development and implementation of the programs: they are the right people to lead groups by off-road vehicle, by bicycle, by foot.


Legal and contractual aspects

Commitment, strength and precision characterize and highlight her presence in the operator team. Thanks to her studies and her pragmatism, she manages economics and accounting, manages the contractual aspects with customers and suppliers. Her accurate analyzes, regarding cost / benefit ratios, contribute significantly to guarantee the best possible and most balanced price for each package that the operator decides to put on the travel market.

agenzia di viaggi in armenia


Consultant, art historian

Art historian, expert researcher of Byzantine art, he has been engaged for more than twenty-five years in the valorization of the cultural and historical-artistic heritage of the countries of the Caucasus and of the area of ancient Persia.
Attentive and punctual consultant towards customers, he suggests plans and organizes itineraries and travel themes with care, with particular attention also to the photographic needs of customers and the desire for cultural and human encounters with populations.